All You Ever Wanted To Know About Zumba

It will be quite surprising and unusual if you have not heard about Zumba. It is the most energetic and effective workout to have hit the Fitness Industry. If you have heard about it and are still contemplating signing up for a class, then you are surely missing out on the most fun workout to have happened to Gyms. What’s more, you burn several hundred calories while doing a workout that resembles a dance routine. The only difference being that you are in a gym class.

So, Zumba is basically a cardio workout that was originally designed by a personal trainer Alberto Perez from Colombia. It puts together dance moves to Latin music combining various dances like Salsa, Cha-Cha, Hip-Hop etc. to work out various muscles in the body. It is essentially a high-energy workout and tends to focus on key muscles in theabdomen and uses quite a bit of your lower body as well. There are Zumba classes to suit various levels. If you are abeginner, join a class where the basics are taught. This will ensure you move with the crowd. There is only one rule in Zumba and that is to “keep moving”.

Why Zumba?

Well for one, Zumba is fun and it always feels like you are out with your gal pals and you are dancing to some fun music. Yes, it is coordinated and yes, it is exercise but what is more fun than having your friends join in on a dance routine?

  • All the jumping and dancing gets you moving and sweating in amatter of minutes. That’s all you need when you are looking for some exercise.
  • Experts say, “it helps to get your heart rate up while exercising”. What better way to do it than by dancing to some amazing music. What makes it even better, is that there is someone who choreographs your moves!
  • It provides a huge calorie burn rate with an average person burning between 600-1000 calories. Since it is high energy dance and fitness workout, you tend to burn many calories. Since it is essentially a fitness routine, several fitness moves are incorporated into the dance routine as well. So, don’t feel so happy about skipping those push-ups just yet!
  • It contributes immensely if you are not the most coordinated person around. As we age, our coordination in the body tends to slack and this is where Zumba helps immensely. In trying to keep up those choreographed moves, you are working on your coordination as well.
  • It works on your confidence and your overall presence as well. Zumba forces you to let go of your inhibitions, allowing you to enjoy yourself completely. This improves your confidence level immensely.
  • You do not have to be at a certain level of fitness to join a class. If you look around, you will find a class that suits your fitness level. There are several classes conducted for kids, seniors, men and so on. So, finding one that suits you will be a breeze.


What to wear for a Zumba Class?

Wearing the right clothing and the right gear allows you to enjoy the exercise routine. IF the clothes are not right or you are uncomfortable through the session, you may not be able to give in a 100%! For instance, just like wearing a waist trainer works on an hour glass figure while you wear it the entire day, or a right sports bra to a dance routine can make you feel comfortable to join in on all the moves without being overtly conscious, you need to dress the part for our workout as well. Not only does it help in making you feel good, it contributes immensely to the success of your fitness program as well.

  • A good sports bra is not only beneficial but extremely important. An ideal one is supportive and stops the breasts from chafing and moving excessively. The workout is designed for heavy movements, jumping and dancing and hence a good sports bra is a must. Apart from that, the material should be one that prevents the sweat from sticking. Cotton should be avoided and you can choose any of the superior quality Dri-Fit varieties now abundantly available.
  • Just as the above, excellent quality shoes should be a priority. Since Zumba is essentially a dance-based exercise program, your shoes need to be lightweight and breathable. There are quite a few popular shoe makers in the market who design amazing shoes but since your feet will take quite a beating it is best to rely on a brand that is comfortable and suitable for you.
  • Waist training is gaining recognition and
  • Your clothing should be comfortable. It is best to leave the deep-neck and the V-neck T-shirts for some other workouts. This workout will require you to jump, bend and dance and therefore it is best if you wear workout tank tops, shoes, socks and so on. Always opt for leggings, shorts or t-shirts that are not cotton. Zumba is a high-intensity cardio workout with an abundance of sweat!
  • Many women are now opting to wear waist trainers. This is a very good thing if you are trying it as a temporary fix. While it does help to tuck your tummy in and strengthen the muscles around your core, it is not a permanent solution. Wearing a cincher or a waist trainer corrects your posture and strengthens your core. However, a word of caution-you must not wear a cincher or a waist trainer in high activity/energy workouts like Zumba. This requires you to breathe in and out deeply which may be affected if you are wearing a waist trainer.

Workouts should never be boring and uninteresting. Once it stops being a chore, you are bound to adhere to your workouts more sincerely guaranteeing results. Zumba being a dance routine is a fun energetic workout sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The music is upbeat, fast and rhythmic and makes you want to move. Since these are typically group classes, you can get your friends in and very soon its double the fun- with the added perk of getting fit!